Claim My FREE Windshield
Free Windshield
with every VideoMic Pro and VideoMic Pro+ sold by a participating dealer during the My RODE Reel 2018 season#


When is the promotion running?

The promotion will be live from April 1 with last purchase date of July 31st & last claims accepted online by August 7 2018.

What products are part of the promotions?

VideoMic Pro and VideoMic Pro+ microphones are the participating products in this promotion.

What is the gift on offer??

1x RØDE Deadcat Windshield for every valid claim.

What is the participating list of RØDE dealers?

Please click here.

I bought a VideoMic Pro microphone, but not from a store listed as participating in the promotion. Do I still quality for the free windshield?

The Free Windshield promotion is only available in selected dealers. Products bought from other retailers do not qualify for the promotion.

How do I claim my Free Windshield?

To make a claim you must access the website and enter the details requested, include a valid name, address, email address, serial number of the product and an upload of an image of the purchase receipt.

How many claims can I make?

There is a maximum of one (1) claim per person.

When can I expect my Windshield to be delivered?

If your claim is approved, RØDE shall aim to despatch your free windshield within thirty (30) days of the email approving your claim.


For any enquires regarding this Offer, please send email to

# Free windshield offer applies to VideoMic Pro and VideoMic Pro + purchased from a participating dealer between 1st April 2018 and 31st July 2018. For full terms and conditions click here.